The Risk Management Plan has been delivered

Executive summary

The ENhANCE project, involving 12 partners and an affiliated entity placed in 6 different EU countries, spanning from Crete in Greece to Finland, has a complex structure that may easily be subjected to risks, which may affect the overall outcome from the project. Problems may arise from the complexity of the objectives, from deep differences of the involved contexts, from time limits, which require a strict observation of planned deadlines, and from the distributed project structure.

The Risk Management Plan has the aim of identifying the possible conflicts and risks that may arise within the project lifespan, defining a clear procedure for their identification and the possible approaches and actions for their solution, identifying possible tools in support of these procedures.

Thus, the present document defines procedures and responsibilities for conflict and risk management, and will be the main reference for the three years of the project with respect to conflict and risk prevention, identification and resolution, in support of the Project Coordinator and the Steering Committee.

The present document defines a “Risk Register”, listing all the main risks that have been identified as possible drawbacks for the project, along with an estimation of their likelihood, their impact, and the actions envisaged to face or mitigate them. The Risk Register will support future risk analysis and discussion and provide a concrete way for sharing information about risks within the Alliance.

The current version of the Risk Register will be updated during the project; it will be discussed in each Steering Committee meeting and in the project plenary meetings.

The Project Coordinator, together with the WP Leaders, will update progressively the Risk Register, which will be always available to parties in the shared web space. Parties’ comments and feedback will always be collected by the Project Coordinator who will be in charge of taking care of them. An officially updated version of the Risk

Register will be released with the Conflict and Risk Reports on months 18 and 36.

Authors: Francesca Pozzi (ITD-CNR), Serena Alvino (SI4Life), Laura Freina (ITD-CNR), Flavio Manganello (ITD-CNR).