The Dissemination Plan has been delivered

This Disseminations Plan (DP) is a practical document that describes the activities to be undertaken by Eurocarers as leader of the ‘Dissemination activities’ in close collaboration with all ENhANCE partners in order to maximize the project’s visibility and impact. The plan describes the collective activities envisaged to communicate and disseminate the project aims and outputs and to provide partners with guidance on the suggested approach.

Following a general introduction, the document outlines the ENhANCE dissemination strategy. It sets out the objectives of the communication developed and discusses the target groups, key messages and engagement of stakeholders. It also describes the dissemination activities foreseen during the project lifecycle as well as the different communication channels and tools that Eurocarers and the ENhANCE partners will develop and use to disseminate the project’s aims and outputs. These include the project visual identity, website, social media, electronic newsletters, publications, multiplier events, as well as promotion materials (PR) and press releases.

Overall, the present document offers a methodology on how the ENhANCE partners can best seize the opportunity provided by the project to communicate about the work of the Alliance. This is key to ensuring that the project meets its objectives and makes a deep and long-lasting collective impact.

The DP is a living document subject to revision at strategic moments in the project lifecycle (D7.1.2, D7.13 and D7.14) and should be read in conjunction with the Exploitation and Sustainability Plan (D7.3.1). In particular, this document will serve as a baseline to longitudinally reflect the project progress and outputs in terms of effective dissemination plan. As a starting point, it will help in identifying the areas and the stakeholders that could make use of the project’s results and in presenting channels and platforms for all the groups of potential users.

Furthermore, this document will introduce measures for the dissemination of all key results throughout the project lifetime and after the project’s end. It is important to stress here that these measures will be described as a preliminary level in the present document, while in the next stages of the project they will be more concretely defined, with reference to comparison thresholds and qualitative and/or quantitative indicators able to report, measure, and evaluate their effectiveness. In such a way, the project’s plans will be timely updated according to the progress and its emerging results.

Authors: Mariana Vicente (Eurocarers); Olivier Jacqmain (Eurocarers).