First release of ENhANCE FCN European Curriculum has been delivered

The main scope of ENhANCE Project is to target a specific existing mismatch between the skills currently offered by nurses working in Primary Health Care (PHC) and those actually demanded by both public health care institutions and private service providers when applying innovative healthcare models centered on PHC. This deliverable, D3.1.1) reports the results of Task 3.1 having the main scope of defining and describing the general characteristics of the EU Curriculum for Family and Community Nurses (FCN).

The full report of this deliverable D3.1.1 is accessible here and can also be accessed in a short version here

This task was nurtured with the results of WP2, in term of the 28 Core Competences, constituting the basis on which the WP3 partners have developed the “Key Activities” and the “Learning Outcomes” of the Modules of the European FCN curriculum. In Task 3.1, the consortium carried out a preliminary step of analysis and interpretation of the Professional Profile from several perspectives: the end-users demands, the relevant results from other projects in the field, the analysis of the existing FCN curricula. This increased awareness about the existing needs and the ‘answers’ given at local level.

In a next step, the main characteristics of the EU Curriculum were defined, according to the ECVET reference framework, with an attention towards innovation. Pathways for recognizing prior formal/non-formal/informal learning was included. Finally, a first draft of the FCN EU Curriculum has been prepared. The curriculum targets EQF7 and envisages 60 ECTS, but was designed with a particular attention to make it flexible and adaptable to different national or local needs. In the deliverable, all the steps undertaken are thoroughly described, so as to provide a clear picture of the process that led to this first release of the curriculum.

Authors: Serena Alvino (SI4LIFE), Francesca Dagnino (SI4LIFE), Barbara Mazzarino (SI4LIFE), Cecilia Sistini (SI4LIFE), Eftychia S. Evangelidou (ENE), Aristides Daglas (ENE), Alise Vitola (ENE), Christos Kleisiaris (TEI-CRE), Hannele Turunen (UEF), Mina Azimarad (UEF), Nadia Kamel (Eurocarers), Madeleine Diab (AFBB), Lars Oertel (AWV), Francesca Pozzi (ITD-CNR), Flavio Manganello (ITD-CNR), Marta Romagnoli (ITD-CNR), Isabella Roba (ALISA), Anna Maria Bagnasco (UNIGE), Milko Zanini (UNIGE), Gianluca Catania (UNIGE), Giuseppe Aleo (UNIGE), Ioanna V. Papathanasiou (TEI-THE), Evangelos C. Fradelos (TEI-THE), Sofia Kastanidou (TEI-THE), Georgia Garani (TEI-THE), Konstantinos Tsaras (TEI-THE), Dimitrios Papagiannis (TEI-THE)