Guidelines supporting the design of local curricula have been delivered!

This Work Package 3 is aimed at:
a) designing learning-outcome based Curriculum for FCN which could play a reference role at European level for VET targeting this qualification; the flexibility and modularity of the Curriculum will assure the possibility of being instantiated/localized in the different EU countries taking into account their peculiarities and contextual constraints;
b) developing specific tools and guides supporting VET designers in the instantiation of the EU Curriculum into local curricula;
c) designing three localized curricula for FCN and three pilot courses that will be implemented in Italy, Finland and Greece. Task 3.2 is aimed to pursue the second of the above listed aims, but its closely connected with the other two.
This document:
– provides a detailed description of the activities carried out in T3.2;
– includes a number of guides and tools which could be used by VET designers for the localization of the EU curriculum;
– provides an overall framework assuring the flexibility and modularity of the EU Curriculum.
Tools and guides provided in this document will be used, aside to the general EU Curriculum, by the project pilot designers in order to create their Localized Curriculum.

Authors: Serena Alvino (SI4LIFE), Barbara Mazzarino (SI4LIFE), Cecilia Sistini (SI4LIFE) Madeleine Diab (AFBB), Lars Oertel (AWV), Hannele Turunen (UEF), Mina Azimarad (UEF), Francesca Pozzi (ITD-CNR), Francesca Dagnino (SI4LIFE/ITD-CNR) Flavio Manganello (ITD-CNR), Anna Maria Bagnasco (UNIGE), Milko Zanini (UNIGE), Gianluca Catania (UNIGE), Giuseppe Aleo (UNIGE), Ioanna V. Papathanasiou (UTH), Evangelos C. Fradelos (UTH), Dimitrios Papagiannis (UTH), Sofia Kastanidou (UTH)