Community nurses have key role in health promotion, says EU Expert Panel on Health

The Expert Panel on Effective Ways of Investing in Health published on 26 November 2019 their Opinion on “Options to foster health-promoting health systems”. The panel recommends that a range of policy measures and financial mechanisms at the European level are applied to support the implementation of transformative health promotion policies and practices in the EU Member States.

There is a need to move towards concrete action and strengthening the capacity of EU countries to implement health promotion at a political, policy and service delivery level.

The opinion underscores the need to invest in developing a dedicated health workforce for health promotion including building the capacity of the workforce through education and training, including continuing professional development

Importantly the opinion mentions that evidence supports the impact and cost-effectiveness of a range of community-based approaches for population health promotion including, for example, enhanced services delivered by community nurses.

Click here to access the full Opinion on “Option to foster health-promoting health systems”.