INTERVIEW with Isabella Roba (A.Li.Sa)

  • Can you tell me a bit about yourself ?

I am a nurse. After a period of direct care, I started to deal with management and organization, first in hospital, and since 2002, in primary care. Since 2017, I work in where I deal with home care.

  • What is the role of A.Li.Sa in the project?

A.Li.Sa. has a role of governance and coordination of the health system in the Liguria region. A.Li.Sa. is interested in the implementation of training courses for the Family and Community Nurse (FCN). In particular the FCN activity is being implemented in the internal areas of the Liguria region.


  • What will be required for a full implementation of the ENhANCE FCN Curriculum in the region of Liguria?

A re-organisation of health care in the Region of Liguria is needed with a strong investment in primary care, where the role played by FCN is crucial.

  • What key recommendations would you like to share to ensure future efficient investments in Family and Community Nurse ? 

Re-organisation, economic investment, and most importantly a paradigm shift from curative to a preventative orientation of health care. Currently, our healthcare system is organized to take action only when the health needs manifests itself. We need to move towards a preventative approach where health care is organized in a way that takes charge of people in a proactive and strongly person-centred way; a system that is prevention-based and empowers individuals to take action.