UNIGE presented ENhANCE with the Webinar titled: “Family and Community Nursing: the Contribution of Research” at the the first Italian chapter of SIGMA International Nursing Honor Society.

The Alpha Alpha Beta Chapter, the first Italian chapter of SIGMA International Nursing Honor Society, has produced and disseminated on YouTube and Facebook a Webinar regarding the contribution of nursing research to Family and Community Nursing, in order to promote nursing research and leadership in Italy, and maintain a direct contact with nurses and the general public.

The presentations of the Alpha Alpha Beta Board of Directors (Prof. Loredana Sasso, Prof. Annamaria Bagnasco, Dr. Milko Zanini, and Dr. Gianluca Catania) focus on the main pillars of Family and Community Nursing, outlined by the World Health Organization, and the development of the European curriculum for Family and Community Nurses (The ENhANCE Project). Two short presentations then follow that provide an update on the COVID-19 situation from a social perspective and in relation to practical recommendations about nursing interventions aimed at managing at home the psychosocial needs of cancer patients with mild COVID-19 symptoms.

The Webinar is available on YouTube with subtitles in English; see the following link: https://youtu.be/ywfUvtw3hO0