Today, 6 October 2020, we celebrate the first European Carers Day

#CarersDay_EU – In celebrating the first-ever European Carers Day (6th October) we bring the attention that according to research estimates, informal carers across the EU provide over 80% of all care, with women providing approximately two-thirds of care. Carers often face social, professional, health, and financial challenges that prevent them from reaching their full potential.

To meet the needs of informal carers, we need to take steps towards building carer-friendly societies across Europe.  An essential part of such a strategy*  is the need for continued investment and development of formal community-based care that can help people to continue to live independently with a good quality of life in their own communities and homes.

This means it will be essential to continue to investment in a skilled and specialized workforce competent, valued, and able to meet the future needs of our ageing populations.  A European Curriculum for the Family and Community Nurse, as developed by the ENhANCE project represents one approach to address the current mismatch in skills faced by societies across Europe in community-based primary care.


* Eurocarers has developed a 10-step strategy to support policy makers and other relevant stakeholder to help improve the lives of informal carers