Progress Activity Report has been submitted!

This document is the first deliverable providing an account of the overall progress of the activities carried out within the ENhANCE project. The document is intended to be read in conjunction with D1.2.1, which is about the administrative and financial aspects, including the costs report progresses. The project is currently at M17. The activities and costs reported in this document and in D1.2.1 respectively, cover from M1 till M15. Overall, the project is proceeding very well, with all the milestones achieved so far and all the expected results delivered on time. The collaboration within the Alliance is excellent and no major deviations or problems have been detected so far. In the period M1-M15, a total of 15 deliverables were envisaged, and all of them have been achieved and duly submitted. Another 5 deliverables are currently under development (submissions envisaged between M15 and M18) and no delays or deviations are foreseen.

Authors: Francesca Pozzi (ITD-CNR), Flavio Manganello (ITD-CNR)