Watch again the ENhANCE final conference of 6 May

On Thursday 6th May 2021, the ENhANCE Alliance held the first part of its final conference to promote and showcase its main project outcomes and discuss the next steps.

With over 160 participants the event reminded us all about the importance to keep up the ongoing efforts and commitments to further strengthen the role and professional profile of the Family and Community Nurse in community care, the diversity and its key role in delivering community health services aimed at promotion, prevention and protection.

The event featured a series of presentations from both within and without the ENhANCE Alliance and discussed upcoming perspectives for the Family Community Nurse, and zoomed in on the current situation of this profile and future developments across various European regions (Liguria region, Italy; Greece and Finland) who were represented in the project.

The second half of the webinar focused on the key project outcomes, the European Family Community Nurse (FCN) curriculum and the pilot sites (UNIGE, UTH and UEF) that specifically piloted FCN specialisation courses targeting graduate nurses, based on the ENhANCE European FCN Curriculum and other tools for producing curricula responding to needs and contexts in the local/regional level.

The whole event can be watched again here:

The slides are available to download below:


Nadia Kamel, Eurocarers

Role of the public health and community nurse in Ireland:
Promotion, Prevention and protection,
Dr Susan Kent, Professor Associate, Dublin City University, Ireland

Regional and national perspectives and experiences with Family & Community Nurse:

Isabella Roba, Ligurian Public Health Authority, Alisa

Lampros Bizas, Hellenic Regulatory Body of Nurses, ENE


Tiina Mäenpää, President, Finnish Association of Public Health Nurses – Terveydenhoitajaliitto

The ENhANCE project and main outcomes

Dr Francesca Pozzi, ENhANCE Project Coordinator

The ENhANCE Family & Community Nurse (FCN) European Curriculum,

Serena Alvino, SI4LIFE

Video demonstration of the ENhANCE Open Online Tool


Moving from the ENhANCE pilot phase to wider implementation

Milko Zanini, University of Genoa, Italy

Ioanna Papathanasiou, University of Thessaly, Greece

Mina Azimirad, University of Eastern Finland