The Dissemination Plan Update and Activity Report has been delivered

This deliverable (D7.1.2) contains both an update of the Disseminaton Plan defined at the beginning of the project (D7.1.1) and provides the current state-of-play with regard to the dissemination activities that have been undertaken and achieved in the first year of ENhANCE. The main aim of the dissemination activities in Y1 was to raise awareness about the project, its aims and expected results.

In particular, Chapter 2 provides a concise overview of the projects dissemination objectives and the ways to reach them; Chapter 3 provides a recap and update of the overall dissemination strategy for ENhANCE, the main target audiences and stakeholders that ENhANCE engages with, and presents the key dissemination messages tailored to the different target audiences. A general report on the dissemination and promotional material developed in the first year by all partners are presented in Chapter 4. Chapter 5 shortly describes the dissemination monitoring and reporting tool. Chapter 6 presents the indicators and objectives for year 2 and provides a tentative timeplan for the next period. Finally Chapter 7 discusses the criticalities and challenges emerged so far and identifies possible ways for the Alliance to improve its dissemination strategy.

Authors: Nadia Kamel (Eurocarers); Olivier Jacqmain (Eurocarers)