Liguria Region’s strategic investments in FCN further boosted by ENhANCE project

On 5 October 2020, a thematic workshop in the form of a webinar on the topic of “Scaling up with Societal Impact” was organised targeting Reference Networks in the framework of the EIP on AHA.

Several regional case studies were presented at this workshop, one of which was a presentation of the “scaling-up experience” made by the Liguria Region in the context of their strategic investment in the Family and Community Nurse (FCN) profile in the context of Reference Network in EIP on AHA.

The presentation was made by Serena Alvino at SI4LIFE in collaboration with Isabella Roba of ALISA. In summary, Serena and Isabella presented the main aims and objectives of two EU-funded projects in the domain of FCN, and which are both contributing to more efficient investments in FCN as well as a gradual and sustainable scaling up of the deployment of FCN in Liguria.

Funded by the EU Regional Development Fund, one project – CoNSENSo: Community Nurse Supporting Elderly in a Changing Society – counts 10 partners from 4 countries and aims to develop and test a health and social care model centred on FCN, and with a specific focus on frail older adults. The Regione Liguria tested the model in ALTA VAL TREBBIA, a mountain “inner” area where 35% of the population are 65 years and above.

In this context, the Ligurian FCN Pilot which started in January 2020 as part of the ENhANCE project was also presented and the 12-month FCN Course at Master’s level, which will lead to the award of a Certificate in Family and Community Nursing officially recognized by the University of Genoa at EQF7. Within the context of this pilot which started in January 2020,44 FCNs are going to take their certificate in December. Subsequently, all of them will be integrated in the regional healthcare system by next year 2021.

For more information, you can download a more detailed report about Liguria Region’s scaling-up experience about FCN in the framework of EIP on AHA Reference Sites Network.