A.Li.Sa presented EnhANCE outcomes at a Seminar in Turin on future family and community care

The Interuniversity School for Health Professions (SIUPS) involving the University of Eastern Piedmont and the University of Turin, organized a seminar on April 8 in Turin on the theme Role and functions of the family and community nurse in the face of new challenges in prevention and chronicity”.

Isabella Roba of A.Li.Sa, the health authority and regulatory body for nurses in the region of Liguria (Italy), provided a presentation on the future educational developments including CPD, for the family and community nurse, and presented outcomes of the ENhANCE project.

More information about the agenda, see: https://multiblog.uniupo.it/eventi/conferenze-e-seminari/infermiere-di-famiglia-nuove-sfide-prevenire-le-cronicit%C3%A0

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