ENhANCE project at Orientamenti 2019 (November, 14-15, Genoa, Italy)

Francesca Pozzi, ENhANCE project coordinator, and Rosa Maria Bottino, Director of Institute for Educational Technology, presented ENhANCE at the 24th edition of the school, training, orientation and work exhibition. The project was presented in two seminars: “Inclusion in the age of care and young caregivers” and “The super disabled. Analysis of a stereotype”. The public was composed of policy makers: the Vice President and City Councillor Responsible for Health of the Liguria Region, Sonia Viale; the City Councillor Responsible for Education and Youth policies of the Liguria Region, Ilaria Cavo; Roberto Peccenini, Director-Technical Inspector Regional School Office for Liguria; Licia Boccaletti, President of the social cooperative Not only elderly; Maria Luisa Gallinotti, Head of the Social Policies Sector of the Liguria Region; Daniela Giancarli, Responsible for Technical training, Social Policies Directorate – Municipal district of Genova; Domenico Buscaglia, Director of Savona Provincial centres for adult education; Nicoletta Reale, National President of the Association for combating brain ictus – Alice Italia; Anna Barbieri, Social services – Rapallo municipality. Below the link to the two events: