Dissemination Plan and Dissemination Activities Report has been submitted!

This deliverable (D7.1.3) reports the results of Task 7.1, Dissemination, which is a transversal activity running across all work packages. The main aim of this task is to develop the overall Dissemination Strategy for the ENhANCE project, and ensure its implementation and continuous validity throughout the project by elaborating and regularly updating a Dissemination Plan and presenting a summary of dissemination activities carried out over the year in a specific Dissemination Activities Report which in summary constituted a successful year fully achieving or surpassing our dissemination objectives with participation to 24 events (of which 17 specialist events); dissemination activities totalling over 50 news items in “general” media; 2 ENhANCE project newsletters sent to nearly 400 mailing list subscribers, a public project website that resulted in more than 7,000 site visits and some 20,000 page views. In addition, 2 academic-type papers were accepted for publication, and finally the ENhANCE social media engagement is much more active compared to the first year, resulting in a total of 70 social media posts.

The Dissemination Plan was issued in a first version in M3, then in a second updated version in M12 and this present document constitutes a third update of the Plan in M24, complemented with a Dissemination Activities Report summarising all the dissemination and communication activities undertaken by ENhANCE partners in the second year i.e. M13 to M24.

This deliverable represents an updated and revised Dissemination Plan (D7.1.3) which reflects the evolution of the project, and provides an overall plan, and roadmap for all partners to support them in their disseminating key project outcomes, and in fostering engagement with stakeholders in the third year of ENhANCE between Month 25 and Month 36.

Authors: Nadia Kamel (Eurocarers)