Work Plan Structure

Work plan structure


Work plan

Workplan figure

To achieve the project objectives, the ENhANCE Alliance will carry out a number of activities including:

  • Definition and delivery of a Professional Profile for the Family and Community Nurse (FCN) which could be taken as a reference at European level for the Vocational Education and Training (VET).
  • Design of a Curriculum for Family and Community Nurse (FCNs) which could play a reference role at European level.
  • Development of specific guidelines/instructions supporting VET providers in the instantiation of the EU Curriculum into local curricula.
  • Delivery of a training course for teachers and development of guidelines and methodological recommendations for them on how to effectively use and tailor the tools and methods proposed by the project.
  • Development of an innovative open online tool supporting case studies and best practice sharing for nurses
  • Design of 3 national FCN curricula and implementation of 3 pilot courses.
  • Development of Recommendations for efficient investments on FCN professionals both for public and for private employers.
  • Evaluation and Quality assurance of the project results.
  • Dissemination of the project outputs among different stakeholders.
  • Exploitation of the results and assurance for project sustainability.

Each activity has been structured in Work Packages (WP) and Tasks, coordinated by different partners. In particular, the ENhANCE Project’s activities are structured in 8 WPs:

  1. Management (led by: CNR-ITD)
  2. Definition of FCN professional profile (led by: UNIGE)
  3. Design and localization of the FCN European Curriculum (led by: SI4LIFE)
  4. Definition of appropriate tools and methods for delivery (led by: CNR-ITD)
  5. Delivery of Pilot Courses (led by: TEI of Thessaly)
  6. Evaluation (led by: UEF)
  7. Dissemination, exploitation and sustainability (led by: EUROCARERS)
  8. Quality assurance (led by: AWV)