The Requirements Analysis has been delivered

The ENhANCE project deals with Primary Health Care (PHC) innovation. Main aims of the project are to increase the specialization of nurses in PHC about Family and Community Nurse (FCN) skills, to foster the development of FCN curricula referring to a formalized EU profile based on WHO (World Health Organization) and EU politics recommendations, and to enhance the shift from the old PHC model to the new one.

ENhANCE has just completed the project website and social media sites requirement analysis phase. This phase of the project constitutes the Task 7.2 “Project website and social media sites”, which is the second task of the Work Package (WP) 7 “Dissemination, exploitation and sustainability”.

This document, with title “Requirement Analysis”, is the output of the phase above depicted and represents the first project deliverable (D7.2.1). Furthermore, this document will feed the next steps of Task 7.2, devoted to the development of the project website and the adoption of social media sites to support project dissemination (D7.2.2 – ENhANCE website and social media sites of the project – initial version – and D7.2.3 – ENhANCE website and social media sites of the project – final version).

The main purpose of this document is to describe the system requirements of the ENhANCE project website (, hosted by TEI of Crete. In particular, this document contains a description of the project website and the social media sites that will be used for project communication and dissemination. The project website and the social media sites are both defined in term of goals and objectives. More in detail, the project website is described with regard to target users, design, look & feel, functional and non-functional requirements, and system modeling; social media sites are described with regard to target audience, channels and platforms, strategies, and integration with the project website.

The methodology adopted for the requirements elicitation and the analysis activities is based on a participatory approach and included interactions among developers and project’s internal stakeholders. In particular, the requirement analysis is the result of conversations and interviews developers (TEI of Crete) had with all the ENhANCE project’s partners during the kickoff meeting (17-19 January 2018, Genoa, Italy) and, after that, partners involved in Task 7.2 of WP 7, mainly CNR-ITD (as Project Coordinator) and EUROCARERS (as WP 7 Leader), through online meetings.

Overall, the requirements’ list presented in this document has been drafted in the clearest and most exhaustive way possible, despite some aspects of the project website and – in particular – of the social media sites may still be vague at the beginning of the project. As a consequence, the related requirements might be defined more precisely later, to better inform the specification phase in the dedicated deliverables (D7.2.2 and D 7.2.3)

The main result of this requirement analysis work is the “List of ENhANCE project website requirements” (see Annex 1). Such list will guide the work of the developers in the following stages and provide the project with indicators to be used to measure progress toward goals. Of course, there are still possibilities of further improvement/refinement, especially for those use cases which so far might have been only partially addressed by the project, and this will be done in the next months.

Authors: Kostas Vassilakis (TEI of Crete), Nikos Papadakis (TEI of Crete), Olivier Jacqmain (EUROCARERS), Mariana Vicente (EUROCARERS), Flavio Manganello (CNR-ITD).