ENhANCE at the European Commission’s Workshop on Vocational Excellence and Smart Specialisation

Dr. Francesca Pozzi, Project Coordinator of ENhANCE project, was invited from European Commission at the Workshop on Vocational Excellence and Smart Specialisation on January, 30th, in Brussels. The aims of the event were:

  1. Widen the understanding and purpose of vocational excellence within and beyond the VET community, especially S3 managers.
  2. Increase the awareness of smart specialisation within the CoVE projects and the broader VET community, as well as among policy makers responsible for employment and skills policies, especially at local and regional levels.
  3. Explore how different European funding programmes can help to implement vocational excellence, when linked to innovation and smart specialisation.
  4. Consult participants on what types of tools and support at EU level can help to operationalise vocational excellence and increase the impact of VET on innovation and smart specialisation.
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