EC Green Paper on Ageing launches debate on the future of Europe’s ageing society

The European Commission presented on 27 January 2021 a green paper to launch a  broad policy debate  on the challenges and opportunities of Europe’s ageing society. It sets out the impact of this pronounced demographic trend across our economy and society and invites the public to express their views on how to respond to this in a  public consultation , which will run for 12 weeks.

The green paper frames the debate on ageing by setting out the speed and scale of the demographic changes in our society, as well as the impact this has across our policies and the questions we need to ask ourselves in response. This covers everything from promoting healthy lifestyles and lifelong learning to strengthening health and care systems to cater for an older population. It underlines the need to bring more people into the workforce, highlights the opportunities for job creation and looks at the impact of ageing on our careers, wellbeing, pensions, social protection and productivity.

The Green Paper takes a  life-cycle approach , reflecting the universal impact of ageing on all generations and stages in life. In doing so, it highlights the importance of striking the right balance between sustainable solutions for our welfare systems, and strengthening  intergenerational solidarity .

At the same time, in due time, Council Conclusions may be adopted on Mainstreaming Ageing in Public Policies. The draft Council Conclusions are available here.

For more information, see: 

Green paper on ageing


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