Guidelines for teachers have been submitted

This deliverable contains the Guidelines for teachers, i.e. a set of very practical instructions targeting teachers, to support them in the uptake of the main project outcomes (in terms of tools and methods proposed by the project), in view of the design and delivery of the pilot courses.

The Guidelines have been organized around topics (main theoretical aspects teachers need to be aware of), related scenarios (more practical suggestions on how to use the project outcomes in the pilots) and pills (video-tutorials that explain how to technically use/configure the Open Online Tool). In order to make the Guidelines more usable and effective, we are also preparing a digital version of them, which will be offered (starting from October, 15th 2019) to the project teachers as a Follow up of the teacher training path (delivered last Spring/Summer).

A second release of these Guidelines will be delivered close to the end of the project, which will take into due account the feedback received from the teachers after use. These guidelines, which should be considered as an integration to the Guidelines for VET providers (D3.2.1), will remain as a legacy, to provide comprehensive and detailed support to any teacher willing to design effective educational interventions starting from the Curriculum for FCN and the OOT.

Authors: Francesca Pozzi (CNR-ITD), Flavio Manganello (CNR-ITD), Andrea Ceregini (CNR-ITD), Francesca Dagnino (CNR-ITD), Marcello Passarelli (CNR-ITD), Donatella Persico (CNR-ITD), Marta Romagnoli (CNR-ITD)