Localized Curricula

3 Localized FCN Curricula based on the ENhANCE FCN European Curriculum

A main project outcome result (see also Deliverable D3.3) has been the instantiation of the ENhANCE European FCN Curriculum into 3 Localized Curricula. These were launched and piloted in YR3 targeting graduate nurses at 3 different educational institutions: The University of Thessaly (UTH), the University of Genoa (UNIGE) and the University of Eastern Finland (UEF).

The FCN Curriculum localized and implemented at UTH is based on all 53 learning outcomes targeted by the ENhANCE European FCN Curriculum, and corresponds to 40 ECTS at EQF-6 level. It consists of a total 250-hour Lifelong Learning Programme and leads to a Certificate of Specialization in Family and Community Nursing.

For a full description of the FCN Curriculum piloted at UTH in the context of ENhANCE, see: