• Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

I am an assistant professor of clinical nursing at the University of Thessaly, and I have been teaching in higher education since 2015. My special research interests are chronic diseases, spirituality and health outcomes in clinical populations as well as the development of critical thinking/clinical reasoning in nursing students.

  • What is the role of UTH in the project?

UTH has a crucial role within the alliance and has actively participated in most of all deliverables of the project that we could say that is considered as ”milestones”. In addition, UTH is one of the partners that delivered a pilot course and tasted the localized curriculum within the Greek context.

  • What will be required for full implementation of the ENhANCE FCN Curriculum in the region of Larissa?

The ENhANCE FCN Curriculum comes along with a very detailed set of guidelines and documents that can support the implantation everywhere within the EU, so in my opinion, can support the implementation not only in the region of Larisa but in every region in Greece. Taking under consideration this, the implementation of ENhANCE FCN Curriculum requires two essential ingredients as every teaching and learning activity or process – passionate teachers and devoted students!

  • What key recommendations would you like to share to ensure future efficient investments in Family and Community Nurse?

As we have been taught by the recent pandemic, we are living in a world full of challenges in the field of health and health care. The population is ageing, and along with that, the proportion of people facing chronic and/or life threatening diseases is continually increasing.


Specialized nurses in the field of family and community nursing can have a vital role in promoting health and by addressing and managing complex health care needs. By investing in Family and Community Nurse, stakeholders are ensuring that people receive timely and quality nursing care.


I would like to finish by describing my experience during the Greek pilot quoting P. Freire. “Whoever teaches learns in the act of teaching, and whoever learns teaches in the act of learning”.