Free Open Contents Targeting VET teachers and trainers has been submitted!

The deliverable is composed of the Open Contents produced so far within the ENhANCE project; the Contents are available in an online repository (, and are freely and openly accessible and available. Each content is specifically described with metadata, and the minimum level of interoperability with other related infrastructures (such as institutional repositories, OERs and community portals) are guaranteed. In particular, the interoperability with MERLOT is implemented. All the contents are produced in English and are licensed under a Creative Commons License. The repository and the related Open Contents will be available for (at least) 12 months after the project end.

This document is intended as a technical annex to D4.2.1 (M19) and is distributed with the Free Contents targeting VET teachers and trainers, as release notes to the training materials (result R-VII). Contents described in this document are used within and produced during the e-learning path for teachers, under WP4, T4.2 (e.g., course guides, lesson plans, exemplar activities, …). Furthermore, learning materials both collaboratively and individually produced by FCNs in the three pilot courses under WP5 will be considered Open Contents to be possibly also stored into the same online repository.

In the following sections, this document provides an introduction related to free open contents targeting VET teachers and trainers in the context of the ENhANCE project. Then, some definitions and clarifications related to the concepts of 1) Open Contents, 2) Creative Commons Licenses, 3) Open Educational Resources, and 4) Open Access are provided, in order to clarify how these concepts are used in the present context. In the following section, this document describes two different scenarios for creating Open Contents for FCNs with the Open Online Tool (OOT). Finally, the repository for Open Contents is presented, along with the Open Content produced so far.

Authors: Flavio Manganello (CNR-ITD), Marcello Passarelli (CNR-ITD), Francesca Dagnino (CNR-ITD), Donatella Persico (CNR-ITD), Francesca Pozzi (CNR-ITD)