Deliverable 4.1.1 (Analysis of the existing tools and definition of the users’ requirements) has been delivered

This deliverable (D4.1.1) is a restricted document of the ENhANCE Project, produced in the context of WP4 (Definition of appropriate tools and methods for delivery), Task 4.1 (Development of an open online tool supporting case study and best practice sharing).

This deliverable describes the activities to be undertaken by ITD-CNR (as leader of the WP4) and TEI of Crete (as leader of Task 4.1), in order to develop an Open Online Tool supporting case study and practice sharing for Family and Community Nurses (FCNs). Other partners involved in Task 4.1 are: UNIGE, UEF TEI of Thessaly, ENE, and SI4life. Moreover, this document presents the activities carried out with reference to:

  • The analysis of the existing tools carried out with the aim of evaluating the possibility of developing the open online tool as a customized functionality of an already existing system/tool;
  • The definition of the users’ requirements carried out with the aim of specifying what the user expects the open online tool to be able to do.

Following a general introduction to WP4 (Section 2), the document provides a more detailed overview of the project activities corresponding to Task 4.1 and the next steps, as it follows:

  • Section 3 – This section describes the main characteristics of the Open Online Tool (OOT), its background with reference to the ENhANCE Project, its development process and the time schedule. Then, the main components of the OOT are presented with respect to the learning processes (formal, non-formal, and informal) the tool must/should be able to enable/support. The OOT has been conceptually organized into two main components: those supporting formal/non-formal learning, and those supporting non formal/informal learning.
  • Section 4 – This section informs the deliverable with the learning approach adopted for defining a solid theoretical background to the two main components of the OOT.

Authors: Flavio Manganello (ITD-CNR), Nikos Papadakis (TEI of Crete), Kostas Vassilakis (TEI of Crete)