The Open Online Tool for FCN is now online and it is being tested during teacher training course!

Deliverable 4.1.2 (The Open Online Tool (OOT). Release notes.) has been submitted. Here the link to the tool:

This document is intended as a technical annex to D4.1.2 (M17) and is distributed with the Open Online Tool (OOT), as release notes to the web-based ICT solution (result R-V). The OOT is tested and approved against the specifications provided by the development team under WP4, T4.1, D4.1.1.

The Open Online Tool (OOT) is produced within WP4 under Task 4.1. It is a web-based application for nurses enabling them to access and share documents, discuss  practices, comment on case studies, etc. The OOT also supports social networking and communication with chats, forums, etc. It is in English and supports a Multilanguage interface (Finnish, Greek, and Italian). The OOT is a public resource and will remain available for (at least) 12 months after the project ends. In the following sections, the online availability features of the OOT and its major processes are described.

Authors: Flavio Manganello (CNR-ITD), Kostas Vassilakis (TEI-CRE)